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The reality is that single women have an entire laundry list of traits, qualities, and characteristics that they HATE in single guys. So take heart in the idea that you're about to learn something that most men on this planet will DIE not knowing.My hope is that what I'm about to share with you will change how you interact with women FOREVER...For the next several years, I read his daily dating tips for men.The first dating tips for men product I ever purchased was David De Angelo’s e-book , over 10 CDs worth of material.” and, “What do I say in text to create attraction? Rules like; always end the text on a high note, and never be the last to text. – She doesn’t know you– She’s with a guy she’s dating at the moment– She’s on her period– She’s having a fat day– You said something she considers “Creepy.”– She lost her phone– She’s not attracted to you– She’s busy– She’s at work– She’s having sex with an alien from one of the moons around Mars Here’s what you do. If she doesn’t reply within a few days, you text her again. He chunks things down so it’s easy to understand, and doesn’t use a whole lot of pickup lingo.

Know all about David Deangelo and the Double Your Dating philosophy? Come on in and learn a few more killer dating tips exclusively for men.Listening to him speak uplifting, as he discusses powerful techniques, thrilling antidotes, and advice that goes far beyond dating. And in most cases, it will eventually turn into a RANT session about how hard it is to find good men to date...And why is it so hard to become "more than friends" with a woman you've been "just friends" with for a long time?- Methods for tracking down and meeting women - How to spy on your competition online - How to make your profile stand out from every other profile on the site - The 9 different types of places you can meet women online - 6 things you must avoid in an online chat - How to find women in your area that are online at the same time you are - What to do when she doesn't respond to one of your emails - A way to hide any flaws you may have without being dishonest or deceitful - Ways women test men online I made 4 pages of notes...

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